How To Make Your Own Braucherei Activation Elixir to Empower any Object or Activate Petitions

Silver RavenWolf

You can store your finished Braucherei Activation Elixir by Silver Ravenwolf

How To Make Your Own Braucherei Activation Elixir

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

A Braucherei Activation Elixir is an herbal, water, and alcohol formula created by the magickal practitioner.  The elixir can be sprayed on objects, tools, and craft items in an effort to enhance the overall power of the working.  Think of the elixir as an energy drink for things, an herbal zap to awaken the item.  The Activation Elixir should not to be ingested and is for spraying or sprinkling only on inanimate objects.  The elixir can be a part of the blessing and consecration process, or it used further on in the working.  When the elixir is used is entirely up to the practitioner. You can spray the Activation Elixir on poppets, candles, petitions, ritual tools, sachets, arts and craft projects…its use is almost unlimited!

Making the Activation Elixir is very easy and takes only a few…

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